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How to Change Hotmail Password?

Hotmail serves as one of the first free email services, which allows you to get connected to other services. Moreover, it was recently updated to Outlook to provide its users a better experience and a fast user interface. Hotmail also lets you stay connected with other through its email account feature. Hacking of Hotmail email account is quite a common scenario. Thus, it is highly recommended that you need to Change Hotmail Password. This process will protect you from data breaches and additionally, will prevent the theft of your personal information.


Requirements to Change Hotmail Password

Before performing the necessary steps to change Hotmail Password, remember the following:

  • If you remember your password, but it is not working, then make sure that Caps Lock is turned off. Additionally, you need to see if the email address you enter is correct.
  • You can also clear your browser history, or you can try to sign in to your account from a different browser.
  • You need to make sure that your internet connection is stable. Also, check the stability of your network. In case both of these criteria are stable, then we recommend you to try to connect to the system, using an ethernet port.
  • If you have recently changed your account password, then enter your old password, again. If the old password works, then lock your device and further unlock it to enable your password.

These hacks might help you to get back into your account. Otherwise, you must reset the password with the following steps.

How to Change Hotmail Password?

You need to follow all the steps mentioned below to change Hotmail Password. You do not need to be a tech-savvy person to carry out the process. All you require to do is follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: To change your password, log in to your Hotmail email account. Then click on your profile picture, and select the View account tab.

Step 2: Now, you need to hit Change password and enter your current password. This step will enable you to Sign in into your account.

Step 3: Then, you will need to verify your identity. Then, click on the Send code option. You will receive it either through your mobile phone or on your email address.

Step 4: As soon as you enter the code, it will verify your account. Now, you need to enter your current password, then, the new password, and hit Confirm.

Step 5: Finally, click on Next, the change of your password will be confirmed through an email.

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Tips for Creating a Strong Password for Hotmail Account

Email password should be strong enough to protect it from hackers or misusers. A weak password can result a major loss in terms of data security and confidential information hacking. Hotmail password should be created with the right combination of keywords which can make this login detail stronger. Here below few tips given to create a strong and inaccessible password for Hotmail or Outlook express.

Use At Least Eight Characters     

Few users use only four or five characters to create Hotmail password to make is easy to remember, but it is not safe from the security point of view. Always choose at least eight characters of password to make it strong. And every time you change Hotmail password you should remember this point.

Avoid Using User Name or Real Name

Hackers always try to use the real name or user name of the Hotmail account users. Though, it becomes easy for the users to recall the password especially who are using multiple mail accounts, but such practice can invite hackers to crack the password or misuse the mail account without your permission.

Right Combination of Letters & Numbers

Using a single series of characters like only letters or numbers is not safe for Hotmail password change. A right combination of letters and numbers with symbols makes a password stronger for anyone. The alphabet letters should be cautiously chosen with upper case or lower case along with numeric values.

Save Answers for Security Questions

Many times users forget their Outlook password, so you can save answer of a predefined question which will help you to access into your Hotmail account. When you forget your password, choose the question and write the correct answer to access your Outlook mail account.

Save Location and Mobile Numbers


Accessing of mail account from different locations will ask passwords and other credentials, and if you set your locations it would be helpful to protect your account from any kind of misuse. And verifying mobile numbers will be also very helpful at the time of change password of Outlook account.

Hotmail Technical Support Service

Changing the hotmail password and effective technical support for it

If one changes the password of the Hotmail account, it can be a complicated process. If the person is using the Hotmail account for business operations and if he is careless, then there will be a problem because there can be the message loss from the Hotmail account and the wiping of the precious data. Hence, the person will have to change hotmail password often.

Change Hotmail password help required in case you cannot

Many technical support companies available in the online and the offline markets provide change Hotmail password help and the skilled experts related to the hotmail issues will provide the online assistance in this matter. These Hotmail experts associated with the leading tech support companies will also show the person how to change the hotmail password. In general, changing the Hotmail password is an easy step y step process that the person can learn easily. The person can easily dial the hotmail help number +1-800-297-9985 of various tech support companies dealing with the Hotmail.

Expert will teach how to change Hotmail password


Expert dealing with Hotmail will provide online assistance regarding Hotmail password change. The person can easily follow it online and there is no need to worry.