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How to Fix BT Email Error 550?

Fix BT Email Error 550 with our professional guidelines delivered at user’s desk. Below are steps explained to help users understand the issue in easy ways? This error occurs due to unauthorized recipient address, unknown local user access and unexpected authentication failures accordingly.

Steps to Fix BT Email Error 550 :

Fix BT Email Error 550

Step 1: Resolving authentication failure issues

First solution is to accurately set up for SMTP authentication or not. Well, to protect email servers from abuse by spammers,  BT Email Support team  allow customers work with it.

Step 2: Fix sending from an invalid address issues

If however users are trying to send an invalid email address, perhaps they will come across the aforesaid error problem with a message displayed as “Server Response: ‘550 Recipient Not Authorized [recipient rejected due to no authorized destination groups”. So if the address from where users are sending emails from does not prove to a valid one then, server will not send any email. So to Fix BT Email Error 550, have a check on below guidelines:

Step 3: Solutions for sending email to an invalid address

  • This is another solution to Fix BT Email Error 550, users need to address that from where they are sending email from is valid or not? However the issue may arise due to problems with the address which users are sending. If they are trying to send an email to an invalid address then, users will come across 550 message with a message displayed as “Server Response: ‘550 unknown local user”.
  • Well, users do have an alternative option where if they are trying to send an email into a different mail server and as a result they will come across with a message as “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” email from the destination mail server.

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