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Outlook Error

How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Got Stuck On Loading Profile Issue?

To Fix Microsoft Outlook Got Stuck on Loading Profile Issue, we first need to know its exact cause. This is a kind of problem which will appear if users’ personal Outlook .ost or .pst data files are corrupted. However, Outlook here will not be able to load any profile. So, if this is the problem then, below we have solutions to help you out in this.

Steps to Fix Microsoft Outlook Got Stuck on Loading Profile Issue are

Fix Microsoft Outlook Got Stuck On Loading Profile Issue

Step 1: Sometimes if you restart the PC and re-launch Outlook, it may make the issue go away. So, try this step and try to Fix Microsoft Outlook Got Stuck on Loading Profile Issue.

Step 2: If it does not help you out then, try to launch Outlook in its “Safe Mode”. Now, check whether you are able to synchronize that email account or not? As an alternate option, users can simply launch Outlook in safe mode. To do this, hold the ‘CTRL key’ and double click on Outlook icon and execute it. Or you could Run outlook /safe command.

Step 3: Users may also choose an option to repair Outlook email account and check if that helps them. This will allow access to network connection and search for the email account settings. Now, log on to the server to confirm everything is working fine.

Step 4:  As per as Outlook support service team, try to create a system restore point and then Run regedit to open up “The Registry Editor”. Navigate to the below key:


This will help users to restore their Outlook profile folders. Right-click on “Outlook” account and delete it.

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Outlook Error

How To Fix Outlook Search Grayed Out Problem?

At times there may be a condition where users will find that their Outlook Search is grayed out completely. However, there are cases where Outlook will give out error messages such as “something went wrong and search couldn’t be completed”. Fix Outlook Search Grayed Out Problem with appropriate guidelines. The issue is faced by multiple computer users including business field.

Steps to Fix Outlook Search Grayed Out Problem are

Fix Outlook Search Grayed Out Problem

Step 1: The first step is to navigate to Outlook Options with the help of program and hit “Search tab” which will appear in the left-pane. After that, tap on “indexing Options” to select Microsoft Outlook. To go ahead, just tap ‘Modify’ button and select the Microsoft Outlook. To do this, click on the box beside it.

Step 2: To fix MS Outlook Search Grayed out Problem, click “OK” icon which will show up the problem. Check for Group Policy Setting icon. At the same time, users may wish to look for the Group Policy settings to make changes if needed.

Step 3: Run the gpedit.msc icon to open up the “Local Group Policy Editor’ and direct to below settings:

  1. Click “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search’ icon and users will see a “Prevent indexing Microsoft Office Outlook” icon. Ensure that users have set it to “Not Configured or Disabled” icon.
  2. That’s all. Everything here will end up your issues by applying all the above steps. Ensure that all of the instructions are properly followed.

Thus, I hope all the above steps will help resolve the problem faster. But still if any query then, do approach us at below mentioned details.

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How To Fix MS Outlook Invalid Command Line Argument?

The issue will usually arise if there is problem in your switch when working with Microsoft Outlook on Windows PC. At this point of time, users won’t be able to start their Microsoft Outlook. Fix MS Outlook Command Line Argument with our expert remedies. Below we will explain you various ways to fix it up.

Steps to Fix MS Outlook Invalid Command Line Argument Are

Fix MS Outlook Invalid Command Line Argument

Step 1: Open your Outlook in Safe Mode & disable all add-ins

  • This process will help users to fix all corrupted add-in. To start of the Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode, press “Win+R’ command and open up the “Run prompt” to execute the command. Choose a profile from the drop-down menu and tap on ‘OK’ button. Once done, it will disable add-ins. As per Outlook email support service team, enable/disable the “File > Options > Add-ins”. Select COM Add-ins from the bottom section of the screen and click on “Go” button. Close the Outlook window and open it.

Step 2: Work with your Microsoft Outlook Inbox Tool

  • This tool will repair all corrupted PST file to help users open up the Outlook without any error. Click on the SCANPST.EXE command and double-click to open up the program. Tap on the Browse button to select backup file. Click the “Start” button to start repairing.

Step 3: Re-register all Outlook files

  • Users can easily re-register two most important Outlook dll files to fix MS Outlook invalid command line argument. Open the “Run prompt” by pressing “Win+R” icon and execute needed commands.

Step 4: Reinstall Outlook

  • At last, try to repair or reinstall Microsoft Outlook. To do this, open the Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Right-click on “Office > Change’ icon and choose various options to repair Office programs.
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How To Fix Outlook Error Code 16999?

This type of behavior can occur if there is any damaged message in user’s e-mail server which is preventing access to the rest of their e-mail. So, before it causes too many issues, Fix Outlook Error Code 16999 by applying our future effective solutions available with expert technicians. Users will be displayed with an error message as “POP Server Returned an Unexpected Reply (16999) Error Message and You Cannot Receive E-mail”.  Below are resolutions to guide users in fixing up the issue.

Methods to Fix Outlook Error Code 16999

Fix Outlook Error Code 16999

We have discussed top methods to help users overcome the error in easy ways and here are they:

  • If anyhow Internet account is allowing users to interact directly with their e-mail account over the Web. This method is one of the preferred way which will remove damaged e-mail messages from user’s e-mail server.
  • Now, if the above solution does not help users to remove the error code. One can ask ISP to remove all damaged messages from their e-mail account.
  • This is another provided both the above solutions did not seem to be working out. Well, delete all of the damaged message by applying appropriate tools available over the Internet.

To do this, follow below instructions as given:

  • Select the Secure Login icon and type an accurate e-mail address as well as password in boxes given and click “Check Mail” icon.
  • Now, select the check box which is visible just next to the first e-mail message and tap “Delete Selected” icon.
  • When the confirmation message appears, just tap on “Yes” button. Check whether you can receive e-mail in Entourage or not?

If still you are unable to fix Outlook error code 16999 then, we recommend users to approach us anytime at below given contact details.

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Outlook Error

How To Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x800CCC91?

This technical faulty code occurs because of invalid user name entered in the email. Also, the problem arises because of anti-virus set to automatically scan emails at the time of sending or receiving emails. However, users’ mailbox may be corrupted. Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x800CCC91 with suitable remedies. It is advised for users to always approach for a professional help as it may help users resolve other related issues easily. Let us have a look on below steps explained to users to remove the technical error code

Steps to Fix Outlook Express Error code 0x800CCC91

Fix Outlook Express Error Code 0x800CCC91

Step 1: Check whether user name is correct or not. If it is wrong then, retype the user name. Have a check on the account login details via webmail. However, Configure POP3 account including Gmail or yahoo mail.

Step 2: Configure Computer System automatically scan incoming/outgoing emails then this issue is quite common. Reconfigure your anti-virus settings to switch off automatic scan email mode.

Step 3: Now, uninstall your anti-virus of the system and have a check whether this error still happens to exist or not. For better suggestions, Take backups of their DBX databases to reconfigure Outlook Express account profile.

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How To Fix Outlook Error Code 701?

Fix Outlook Error Code 701 with expert remedies. But technical issues may arise anytime messages while working with this email account and one such is 701 code. Well, this technical error is faced by most of the users while they are attempting to install, update, download, close, open, receive, send, copy and paste something.

Steps to Fix Outlook Error Code 701 are as follows:

Fix Outlook Error Code 701?

Step 1: Check for any Network Settings technical glitch

First of all, perform a proper check on the internet connection setting

Step 2: Configure your firewall properly

Install the Windows Firewall program as it may also be the biggest cause of this Outlook error code

Step 3: Check for any account setting issues

Users need to check whether the setting of their Outlook account is correct or not?

Step 4: Reinstall your MS Office

Users are now advised to reinstall their MS office. But for this process, one needs to uninstall the old Microsoft Office application and then re-install it.

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Outlook Error

How To Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c?

These types of error occurs when users are making an attempt to add or simply removing a single contact, sending as well as receiving emails. Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c with suitable solutions by approaching at Outlook Customer Support. To know more, users are encountered with this problem when they are adding or even updating a calendar entry. If users have faced such type of problems then, they are advised to go through below solutions and fix issue immediately.  Before we move onto its solutions, there will arise early symptoms such as exchange server crashed issue, computer virus attack, unexpected shutdown Exchange Server problems.

Steps to fix Outlook error 0x8004060c:

Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c

Step 1: Reduce your PST File Size

The first and the foremost step is to delete all unnecessary emails as well as other data from your Outlook including all deleted items folder to easily remove unwanted occupied space.
Now, compress your PST file and archive all PST data item from users old Outlook PST files
Now, reduce the  Outlook data file (.pst) size with the help of splitting the PST into smaller files.

Except all the above-stated solutions, users can work with accomplished application to decrease as well as manage the oversized PST file size without any data loss.

Step 2: Repairing all corrupted PST file

  • Microsoft Outlook comes with an inbuilt utility which is named as a Scanpst.exe to help users easily deal with the PST as well as OST corruption issues. Well, in such cases this is absolutely free application which may not work accurately for a large size PST files. Users won’t be able to work for highly corrupt OST or PST files thus, ensure that you are ready with all new concepts to be applied in case of any disaster takes place.
  • As suggested by Outlook Customer Service team, one can also try to easily re-create the OST file to help resolve the issue faster.
  • Also, try to go for upgrade process of your MS Outlook to overcome the problem
  • Well, in any situation if the error occurs due to corrupt .ost file then, users won’t be able to resolve it. So , the best solution is simply to re-create the OST file.
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Outlook Error

How to Fix Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured Error?

The above error executes with Microsoft users, working with a roaming profile connected over Exchange Server. As, it may lead to critical issue, it is calls for immediate action to Fix Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured Error with expert guidance at Outlook Technical Support Number +1-800-297-9985. A roaming user profile is however be completely saved on the shared network to allow users easily access Outlook profiles from any PC connected to a shared network. So, while execution is done multiple times, users will get an error message as “your Outlook data file (.ost or .pst) cannot be configured“. To know more, the message will prompt every time users are trying to import OST file from one computer to another. As a result failed configuration issue arises on a new computer system.

Steps to Fix Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured Error

Fix Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured Error

Solution 1: This is the first solutions for users to get rid of errors faster

Step 1: Verify you Windows System for any kind of corruption occurred

  • Tap the Windows + R shortcut key and then, type the “cmd” command in your search box.
  • Press the “Enter” button now.
  • Type the “sfc/scannow” and then, tap on enter button

Step 2: Update the most recent Windows version

  • The very first thing is to click the “start” button and type “Update” text.
  • However, just press the enter key where a Windows dialog box will appear provide all recent updates are available.
  • Now, select the install updates option

Step 3: Clean out all unnecessary files

  • Press the “Window + R” shortcut key and then, type the “Cleanmgr” command. Press the “Enter” button afterwards
  • Choose your choice of OS partition by clicking the “OK” button
  • Click on the “Clean Up System Files” icon and here you are done.

I hope this method will solve out the above error. But, we here have an alternate solution to fix up this problem with an alternate solution

Solution 2: An alternative option to remove this error

  • The above manual approach is considered as a quite lengthy process as well as time-consuming mode. So, users here have been provide the most proper choice of solution by Outlook Customer Service team so that users can be assisted easily for removing the issue as fast as possible.
  • This is known as OST recovery process where users will have to extract OST data to PST format. Moreover, it will help them recover from one or more OST files in bulk mode.

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Outlook Error

How to Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive?

It is vital to make a backup of Outlook data and time to avoid future conflicts like hardware failure, human error, etc.  In this blog, we will introduce Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive. Users may contact expert team at Outlook Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9985. Apart from this, what interests us more is that the Outlook comes with easiest way of delivering users a proper backup of any data.

Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive

Steps to Backup Outlook 2013 Emails to Hard Drive are as follows:

Step 1: The very first thing is simply to get access of MS Outlook 2013 where an interface will be displayed. Tap on the “File” option which will be clearly visible at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2:  After that go to the file tab, where users will come across an info tab. Select it to get prompted with an accurate account information. Here one will be able to access social network settings, cleanup software for mailbox, etc. However, these functions are not needed.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Open & Export” tab where users will be prompted with four different options. As suggested by Outlook customer service technical team, click the “Import & Export”. However, there are various other options that won’t be available for exporting Outlook data but meant for importing.

Step 4: After clicking the Import / Export, an “Import and Export Wizard” will open automatically. However, several options for importing and exporting data to and from Outlook will also be available. Select the “Export to a file” icon and tap on “Next” button

Step 5: Export Outlook data in two ways. The first one will be “Comma Separated Values” in which you can export only one folder in more than one file type. But if you want to go for a simple method then just select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click on Next button

Step 6: Now users need to decide the type of items which they need for backup. If users wish to back-up their “Inbox” only then, just select that particular option only. But if you want to backup whole data of Outlook then you need to select the root folder and click on Next button.

Step 7:  Select the backup file path by clicking the “Browse” button where a new window will open in which selecting a specific path to backup entire data is needed.

Step 8: A new backup.pst file will appear and thereafter choose the “Replace Duplicates” option with Items Exported radio button. This will replace the file automatically.

Step 9: Create a new password for the purpose of file backup but it is an optional for users.

Step 10: Now back- up your Outlook data successfully.

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