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How To Fix Hotmail Error Code 550?

This is an error which appears when MS is blocking the specific domain as email fails to respond. Well, this is a server error which indicates that the outgoing mail server is not responding to any request.  So, before it causes any future problem, Fix Hotmail Error Code 550 by applying our industry matched solutions. Let us now see what solutions experts have for us to remove the error code.

Steps to Fix Hotmail Error 550 are as follows

Fix Hotmail Error Code 550

  • The foremost step is to get access to the Hotmail from the computer device and navigate to the “Tools section”. Tap on the “Accounts” icon and continue to the next step.
  • Now, select your choice account and tap on the “Email Server setting” option.
  • User are advised to navigate to the SMTP section by Hotmail Support expert professionals and perform a check on the server name as “”.
  • As instructed go to the “More Setting” icon and tap on the “Outgoing Server’ icon which is located at the top section of the menu bar.
  • Users need to ensure that they have enabled the option known as “My Server Requires Authentication”. Save all of the modified “Setting” icon and close the ‘Server tab” now
  • At last, try to send your email again.
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If still the issue persists then, connect with Hotmail Support Number +1-800-297-9985 which is accessible 24*7 hours and deliver customers the most suitable remedy.  Techies working with us possess a sound hand on in solving multiple issues while utilizing their experience and get customer’s technical problems solved. Thus, Feel free to contact us anytime and get hassle free solutions instantly.

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail 10 Steps

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail: 10 Steps

So, is it the case that your Hotmail is jammed up with spam, or you’re always ready to step up to Gmail account? Switching directly from the Hotmail to Gmail account can surely make a massive variation in the internet while you are working with it. You’ll further be able to automatically synchronize information on websites, by creating a Google+ account, and much more to include. Regardless of why you are making the switch, it’s on the other hand is fast, and easier than ever before.

Below are few steps penned down by Gmail Technical Support professionals that will describe this process?

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail 10 Steps

Method 1 is all about transferring the Contacts Only

  • Open up your Hotmail account.
  • Directly log into your Gmail account
  • If you will visit the Contact window section, then try to look down the left sidebar and search for the Import Contacts. This will further open up the dialog box window. Clicking on the Choose File button, and then searching and opening the file named as “WLMContacts.csv” is essential. This will be your Hotmail contacts file which is now exported.
  • Emailing all of your contacts and then confirming the new address is an essential step.

Method 2 is all about Transferring Everything

  • Open the Gmail and get access to it.
  • Choose the Accounts and Import menu section.
  • Next, a user is required to choose the “Import mail and contacts” to move ahead with the process.
  • Enter the address of the Hotmail account carefully. You are requested to visit the resulting window where a user will be asked to sign into their other email account,”
  • Enter the Hotmail password carefully as it is case sensitive.
  • Choose the import option next.

Why to call Gmail tech support services?


We have vigilantly developed a state-of-the art utility to make a remote Gmail customer support help section for users by applying highly efficient as well as time-saving tech support services for our customers. Our Gmail Customer Support Services are extremely fast to use. So, this is the only reason why we implement proven methods to fix every issue related to Gmail as efficiently as possible. Come, experience and explore our services at our Gmail toll-free number before it’s too late.

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5 Easy Steps to Block a Sender on Hotmail

If someone is trying to irritate you by sending unlimited mails on your Hotmail account, you can stop this feat by blocking the sender directly from your Hotmail account. Though, Hotmail users now completely migrated to with same login details.

This blocking feature also helps to stop bulk mails send as news letters or promotional mails from marketing agencies. To activate this feature there is a simple process given below that should be followed after login into Hotmail account.

Hotmail Account Login

Login into your Hotmail account using the registered name and password you entered. If you forgot Hotmail password, then recover it by entering your user name that will be sent on your mail id or registered mobile number.

Open Setting Menu

Open mail settings from gear icon given on the right side of your window screen. This setting section will allow you to make other changes in your Hotmail account. Click more mail setting option to enter into section that will allow you to block someone.

5 Easy Steps to Block a Sender on Hotmail      

Enter into Blocked Senders

Click on “Safe and blocked sender” that’s appear on second Coolum under the heading of “preventing junk mail”. Open this option that will list you three more options and select the third one called “blocked senders” to proceed further.

Select and Block Sender

Now you can add the email id you want to block, just type the complete email address that sends you mail regularly filling your inbox. When you add this id under block lit, it will automatically delete mails send from this particular id. Either you can take Hotmail technical support to select and block a sender carefully without affecting others.

Report Spam to Move in Junk

Hotmail Customer Service

Blocking such sender would be not enough, as such dispatchers choose other mail id or domains to send you mail again. So, you can report such mails as a spam to move them into junk folder otherwise take help by Hotmail Customer Service experts to control such mails and keep you inbox free from these junk messages that also consumes mail space.


Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Tech support for Hotmail

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

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Using MSN, Hotmail or Outlook; a Quick Guide

Moving to Hotmail after using MSN can be bit tricky for the native users, mostly old one, who are not very prone to the technology; these new changes are difficult to operate, but if you will learn few steps, you don’t need to worry. Microsoft offers advance synchronization and integration for Hotmail account, instant messaging services, sky drive file hosting services, create a new account, send or receive emails and make POP3 access account.

Initial step

1- Account creation

  • Microsoft has changed the name of Hotmail to window live, to create a new account in window live, navigate the account creation page and sign up now.
  • Enter your details, followed by first name and second name, respectively gender detail and date of birth.
  • Fill the user name detail, how would you like to sign in field. Alternatively, you can also name existing email ID; it will be your user name while signing in to the account.
  • Fill the password information in password field, re-enter the password, you have to fill security question and mobile number in account creation form. In future, if you ever forgotten the password, you can retrieve the password via mobile number and security question given in a link.
  • Enter the country code and fill the captcha, to ensure that account is created by human being.

How to use E-mail account?

  • Login via user ID and password you created for windows live email.
  • Select a theme for your Hotmail account by soaring mouse curser over the themes, select that suits your eyes.
  • Click “add your contact” to add list of contacts to your account, list of email receipts, and set up privacy setting, MSN offers three option while setting privacy window.
  • 1-Private
  • 2-Limited
  • 3-Public
  • In private mode, nobody can see your activity in your account, in public mode everyone can see the activity and in limited mode, the activity will be restricted to the MSN friends only.
  • Click “inbox to see view received emails” hover the curser over Hotmail, after you logged in and send email to compose an email. You can insert, Microsoft office documents, emoticons, photos and Bing, which allows you to attach search results of Bing.
  • Outlook-Helpline-Number

To know more detail about window live email, Hotmail or outlook, visit:, and speak with a technician at: +1-800-297-9985.


Handle your Mailbox with care; Get Instant Help from Hotmail Technical Support

You may get puzzled many times while handling your mailbox, where to move spam and how to set automatic replies while you are on vacation. It’s not your story; many people on the earth do not find the solution as well. However, it may become bone of contention if you missed any important conversation of your boss. There are many features in the mailbox that not only saves the time but also increase your efficiency and productivity. To protect your mailbox from outside threads and virus is essential for all of us. The confidentially of data is what everybody is looking for nowadays. The Hotmail technical support staff not only saves you from the data theft but also helps you on basic troubleshooting.

Need of Mailbox Security

In today’s data driven world, it is important to protect your data from the external source is as crucial as other work. If you are working for organizations or individual, it’s your responsibility to protect the data. For ex…Password complexity and length makes huge difference in protection. Similarly, setting up a firewall and antivirus shield is essential also.

Basic Troubleshooting to save the time and cost


How to send bulk emails, fixing the appointment with someone and filtering the spasm not only saves time but cost as well. In longer run, it surely does the positive effect on your work. If mailbox is configured to the outlook, you also get many additional features. This is our endeavor to work on the email support since long to deliver exceptional services to the world. To know more about your mailbox and get complete email assistance instantly, kindly speak to our Hotmail technical support expert instantly. Alternatively, you can also call us +1-800-297-9985 on toll-free number or chat with our Hotmail customer support expert.