Amazing Ways to Fix Gmail Server Error #007

Gmail is one of the most popular and most preferred email service providers in the world. It is efficient to use and users deal with lot less spam as compared to other email services. However, in contrast, there are a few problems that keep occurring from time to time. Sometimes, Gmail becomes inaccessible to users. This error is known as the Gmail Server Error #007.

The #007 error is defined as a kind of failure due to which the users are not able to access their Gmail account and also due to freezing issues. According to the Gmail technical experts, this type of error usually happens with the Google Chrome browser. This is probably due to the installation of some unnecessary elements which effects the working of Gmail.

Gmail Server Error #007

Get to know about Gmail Server Error #007

Whenever a user face any error while using Gmail, there is a curiosity to learn about the causes of the failure. Although, it is important to first to know more about the issue before further proceeding to the remedy methods.

Generally, this error generates at the time of sending a mail. The Gmail stops responding. As a result, the message is not sent. Thereafter, a display message pops up which appears with the message “A server error occurred. Your email was not sent.”

Underlying reasons for the occurrence of Error #007

Whenever the user wants to send an email, the Gmail server starts communicating with the web server. This goes through many steps, here are two of them which lead to this error.

  1. Providing the HTTP data stream through the Web browser.
  2. The HTTP data stream contain a status code which is evaluated by the HTTP protocol. \

The Gmail Server Error #007 is caused mainly due to the issues mentioned above. The problem begins with the Web browser and then it works from the back end followed by surfing. The user is unable to send the message when the error occurs. Indeed, this creates a hassle and is a cause of frustration for the user.

Troubleshooting Strategies on How to Fix Gmail Error Code 007

There are two effective methods which you can try and troubleshoot this error. Follow them carefully and see if you can resolve the issue by yourself.

Method 1: The first method consists of a total of five steps to rectify this problem.

  1. First of all, check whether the browser is entirely up to date.  
  2. Clear all the cookies from the browser.
  3. Look out for the available updates in your operating system.
  4. Start your Firefox browser in the safe mode.
  5. Check if there is any unwanted extension in the browser and open up the private browser window such as the Incognito Window mode. Disable or remove the unwanted and harmful extensions later on.

Method 2: If the above tricks did not help, try out this alternative solution to fix the error.

  1. Carefully, start your Gmail account and with no enabled option. The enabled option can cause severe problems at the time you are using Gmail.
  2. Another method of getting around this error is by disabling the virus checker and then open the Gmail and try to send the emails again.

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