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How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

Gmail is one of the best cloud-based, open-source and free email clients. Moreover, it has gained user based globally for its exclusive features and reliable services. Most of the organizations depend entirely on it, to communicate and for sharing information. But, many users face Gmail Server Error 007. Whenever you try to send an email, a pop-up message appears on the screen: “oops a server error occurred, and your email was not sent.” The outcome is that Gmail fails to send any messages, which is indeed a hassle for the users.

Gmail Server Error 007

What Causes Gmail Server Error 007?

You must understand the underlying causes behind the occurrence of this error. Our Tech Support Team has enlisted a few primary reasons behind the Gmail Server Error 007. Have a look.

  • Due to a recent conversion of IP name to IP address through DNS
  • Due to an HTTP protocol
  • Issues in the Web server or Browser can also lead to the error 007
  • There must be a Back-end and internet connection problem in your system
  • Virus intrusion can corrupt the essential system files
  • Misconfigured system files, which can indirectly create registry errors within your computer

Understanding when and why the issue generated suddenly can help you to prevent it. Also, you can avoid further damages.

How To Fix Gmail Error Code 007 Promptly?

Various other underlying causes may cause Gmail Error 007. You need to troubleshoot all the causes to avoid making your system unusable.

Solution 1: Update Browser

First, you need to check if your browser is out of date or not. If it is, then you should update it instantly to the latest version. This process will eradicate all the corrupted system files along with the Gmail server error 007 and restore its normal function.

Solution 2: Disable extension in Browser

If the above step fails, then check whether the expansion in the browser is enabled. If it is allowed, then you need to disable it. Now, restart the browser again and examine if the error persists.

Solution 3: Clear Temporary files

Due to the accumulation of temporary files, which includes the caches, cookies or broken registries, your system might face program lock-ups due to system freezing.

Solution 4: Disable Gmail “Background send.”

Often, the error 007 may generate when the labs ‘Background send’ is enabled. You can disable it and then try to send the email message. To disable, follow the mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to log in to your Gmail account.
  • Then, go to the Gear icon (on the top right corner of your Gmail homepage).
  • Find the Lab tab by clicking on the settings menu.
  • Finally, hit the disable button after clicking on the “Background send.”

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