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How to Fix Duplicate Emails Error In IncrediMail?

One of the main causes associated with this issue is due to duplicate emails that you are getting. It happens usually when a duplicate message is not deleted and is present in the inbox and as a result duplication of messages occurs. One must delete all the original message from their mail box and sometimes you might receive more than 100 mails at the same time. This further makes it difficult for users to save the messages in individual folders as a result of critical issue. Also it is well seen that the  presence of malware may too lead to such an issue of duplicating mails in Incredimail.  Now, let’s see steps to Fix Duplicate Emails Error In Incredimail.

Steps to Fix ‘Duplicate E-mails Error’ In IncrediMail

Fix Duplicate Emails Error In IncrediMail

Step 1: Verification of E-mail Account

  • Users need to perform a verification process of the e-mail account to check whether there is any kind of issue with the IncrediMail.
  • The next step is to strictly ensure that only single e-mail address is definitely linked to their IncrediMail. So, here one needs to verify that the mail account is completely configured for only once.
  • Perform this step by clicking on the ‘Tools’ icon tab which is followed by the selection of IncrediMail icon. If the mail account is not configured yet then, make use of Advanced Account Access to see all the mails associated with your mail server.

Step 2: Reduce the percentage of getting frequent email checks

  • Regular checking of your inbox will surely reduce the duplication issue in the Incredimail account.
  • Never access the mail account for more than 10 times a day as this may result in the improper accessing of the account settings.

Step 3: Get thorough information before installation process

  • The user must have full information before installing ant email account to avoid all the causes of getting duplication of mails in IncrediMail.
  • Work with the tool which is capable of creating an’’ file.

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