How to Fix Gmail Error 6922?

The Gmail error 6922 is caused due to opening an attachment in a user’s mail account while restricting people from downloading an attachment; no matter whether it’s a PDF file or any other file format.  Other causes of this error are due to suspicious mail and may be due to when Gmail tries to block few attachments such as links or executable files. Well, Gmail professional expert team has found a solution to it by describing steps on Fix Gmail Error 6922.

Step 1: Updating the browser

  • Users are advised to update the browser first to fix this Gmail error 6922. Try to download all related files while accessing your Gmail account on various browsers

Step 2:   Clear out browser’s cache

  • To remove the Gmail error 6922, it is advised for users to clear out all the caches as well cookies immediately. To do this, one needs to perform all the below given steps:
  1. Hit the “more” icon in the Google Chrome browser and then select the “more tools” option
  2. Next, simply choose the “clear browsing history” icon
  3. In the “clear browsing history” section, users need to select the checkbox options against “cookies and other site and plug-in data” as well as “cached image and files” icon.
  4. One needs to set a preferred way where users may choose to delete data from the “obliterate the following items” drop down menu list.
  5. Users simply need to hit the “beginning of the time” icon
  6. Tap on the “clear browsing data” option which can be found at the bottom of the Windows

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Step 3: Disabling browser extensions

  • Here one is advised to disable browser extensions and then re-launch the web browser

Step 4: Disabling antivirus as well as malware

  • The next step is simply to disable the entire antivirus, malware scanners and such other virus checker software which should be on temporary basis.
  • At last, simply sign out of the Gmail account and then sign in again to complete this process
  • Check whether the error 6922 appears again or not?


Well as of now, your queries regarding the 6922 error has been perfectly solved. But for future purpose, we encourage users to get in touch at our Gmail Helpline Number +1-800-297-9985 professionals for instant help to their Gmail queries.