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Gmail Error Code

How to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025?

The error is usually a result when users are updating Gmail account and they are using IMAP account. They will get message displayed as ‘cannot create mailbox” or “error 1025” or may be the error may appear as “unknown namespace”. Also, the issue may be due to using the latest versions of the email which needs to be updated immediately. Also to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025, another thing is try re-create an IMAP account and then delete all of the previous one.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 1025

Fix Email Error

Step 1:  Remove the account first

Follow al the below described steps to remove the account first

  • To do this, the first which need to perform is to open the Gmail.
  • Then, users are required to click the “Tools” menu and then the “Accounts” icon.
  • In this step, the last thing is to select the “IMAP” account which users need to remove and then, press the “minus key” to delete the account completely.

Step 2: Re-Create the account now

Follow all the below given steps to re-create the account

  • At first, just launch the Gmail account
  • Now, click on the “Email Account” if you have an account created earlier already. Sometimes, the option may not be visible at all and in that case it is advised to click on the “(+)” symbol to add an E-mail account”
  • Then next step is to simply enter the credentials of the account and tap the on the “Add Account” button.
  • Click on the “More Option” button and then move to the next step
  • Now, select the “Use Incoming Server Info” icon from the authentication box which will appear automatically in the screen.
  • After you are done with the above step, do perform a verification process of the information that you have provided. Click the “OK” button now

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