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How to Fix Messages Disappeared Issue In Microsoft Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express is a well-known e-mail client designed by Microsoft team. It lets us view as well as send e-mail messages quite easily. Well, the application if we see further is found in the Microsoft Office suite and can also be downloaded separately. But sometimes users may come across various error messages and one among them is “message disappeared issue”. This is an issue which generates usually when the .dbx files get damaged and as a result it leads to this error message. The issue is easily solved by creating a new .dbx files so that one can easily recover the original .dbx file. But we believe in making people aware of the most appropriate solution to Fix Message Disappeared Issue in Microsoft Outlook Express with detailed explanation.

Steps to Fix Message Disappeared Issue in Microsoft Outlook Express

Solution 1: We recommend users to try their hands in this solution first

Navigate to the “Tools, Options and Maintenance” icon first. You are now advised to extract files by using the “DBXtract tool”. This will further help you to recover from all the messages from the backup copy of Microsoft Outlook Express. As a precaution, we suggest users to keep a backup copy of their Microsoft Outlook Express files. If somehow they have lost any messages then, they will easily able to recover those files in easy ways. Now, delete all viruses that are presented in the system to avoid face unwanted corruption issues.

Solution 2: Now if you fail to resolve the error with the above solution then, try out our below guidelines

Upgrade the antivirus product

It is highly recommended for users to upgrade to its higher version of antivirus software which is well compatible with the Microsoft Outlook Express and will completely delete all .dbx files of inbox. It will thus prevent all Outlook Express messages to disappearance. What is good about this process is that it will restore those files from the backup files.

Check for all types of setting issues

To perform this step, just click on the “Start and All Programs” icon and tap on the “Outlook Express” icon. It will open up automatically and one needs to open the ‘View’ icon and then, choose the ‘Current View’ option. Now put a checked mark on ‘Show All Messages’ icon. At last, do verify that ‘Show replies to my messages’ is not been selected by you.

Download security updates

Users are now requested to download all security updates for the Microsoft Outlook Express. In this case, try to download the KB918766 update for that. This would solve the compacting issues.

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