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How To Reset Gmail Password?

Resetting Gmail password can often come as a tricky task for users particularly if he/she is a beginner. One can change their password for various security reasons or may even need to reset it if they have forgotten it. The Google Account password is used to access a wide number of Google products such as Gmail services or may be YouTube r other interesting tasks. Well, Gmail password if lost can lead to serious login issues and so, for security reasons, it is essential that one should Reset Gmail Password at-least once in a month. Lets follow all below instructions now.

 Steps to Reset Gmail Password


Step 1: Type the Gmail email

  • You will initially need to navigate to the page of Gmail email where clicking on the “can’t access your account” will appear.
  • You will get navigated to the page where an option will appear as “having trouble signing in?” Here you will be provided with three options like: “I don’t know my password”, “I don’t know my username” and the last one is “I am having other problems signing in”.
  • Click on the icon of “I don’t know my password”. You will come across a box asking you to enter your” email address”. Type the email address here like
  • Hit on the “continue’ icon.

Step 2: Verification page

  • Here you will be asked to a verification message by asking you the following question “is this you?” If yes then, click on the “YES” icon else hit on the “NO” icon
  • Next, a user will be navigated to the page which will appear as “password help for” by asking you to “enter the last password you remember”.
  • If you don’t remember then, click on “I don’t remember” icon.
  • Navigate to the next page which will appear as “password help for” and you will be provided with two options in this page namely: the first one will be of verification and the other one is for confirmation.
  • Now, here you will be asked for a verification process where a message will appear as “verification on my phone”. It’s further your choice via which you want to receive your verification process which will come in two ways such as “via phone call or via text message” and the other one will be “confirm access to my recovery email:”
  • Hit on the “continue” icon and navigate to the next page which will appear as “verification code sent to phone” and then enter the verification code in “enter the code here” box which you have received recently.
  • Tap on the “continue’ option next and you will be navigated to the “reset your password” page.

Step 3: Managing the password

  • Enter the new password in the “new password” box which is located at the extreme left side of the page and then again enter the same password in the “confirm password” box for confirmation.
  • Make sure that you have entered a strong password to avoid getting misuse of your profile.
  • Hit the mouse on “reset password” icon
  • After you have successfully entered the password, you will be navigated to the page appearing as “you’ve successfully reset the password”. Click on “review my recovery info”.

Step 4: Account recovery option

  • Here, click on the “Sign out” icon which is located at the extreme left side of the screen.
  • You will be completely signed out of your newly created account

Step 5: Re-sign in into the account

  • Now again enter your recently created login details to check whether you are able to log-in into your account smoothly or not?

That’s all. If still this issue persists then, proceed to below contact details.

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