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How to Fix Gmail Error 007?

Gmail account, a product of Google, is the most popular free email client, which is highly popular around the globe. But if you are unable to access your Gmail account, then your account may go through an error. Gmail Error 007 is one such error in which a user is unable to access their Gmail account. Your Gmail account may suddenly freeze as well. This situation is indeed irritating as you are even denied to log out of your Gmail main page.

The error code appears in the form of: “Oops..a server error occurred. Your email was not sent”. You need to mitigate the error at the earliest. This article can help you to understand the issue and might be even able to stop it from occurring in the future.


Probable Causes Behind The Occurrence of Gmail Error 007

Before proceeding to troubleshoot the error, you must understand the likely reasons behind this error. Understanding when and why the issue generated suddenly can help you to prevent it, by avoiding further damages.

The Gmail Error 007, the message code is generally induced by misconfigured system files, which can indirectly create registry errors in your computer. Furthermore, this is the prime cause that can lead to Windows errors that can cause the system to crashes or sluggish performance. The failure may also generate due to program lock-ups due to system freezing.

Additionally, Registry errors usually take place if you install new programs on the system without deleting the old one. Moreover, the error messages can also appear due to malicious software. Various other underlying causes may be the reason behind the Gmail Error 007.

Steps to Fix Gmail Error Code 007 

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Solution 1: Disable Email Signature from antivirus

The most straightforward approach to resolve the Error issue is to notify your antivirus to withdraw scanning the signatures of the emails that you send. Follow the steps mentioned here to disable email signature.

  • Go to the Settings menu, in your antivirus file. Then follow the step by going to the General tab.
  • Now, all you need to do is deactivate the checkbox linked Signature and click on Save button.

Solution 2: Use Disk Cleanup

If the above step does not work out, try Disk Cleanup to free up system space, which might be one of the underlying cause behind the appearance of the Gmail Error Code 007.

  • Firstly, on your desktop, go to the My Computer icon and click on it.
  • As soon as the My computer Tab open, right click on the Disk C and choose Properties.
  • Then on the properties tab, go to the Disk Cleanup option.  
  • Now, under Disk Cleanup you get to notice the Files to delete option. Merely tick them to free up space on your system.
  • Finally, to complete the process, you need to hit OK.

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Effective Ways to Fix Gmail Error Code #007

Apart from being free, Gmail consists of some of the high-end features that have revolutionized the way we deal with emails. A customer-base of over 400 million explains its popularity. However, Gmail may act adversely all of a sudden and disrupt your work. Gmail Error #007 is one such issue that Gmail users face on a daily basis.

The occurrence of such an error may prevent you from accessing Gmail. Therefore, the most prevalent question that may arise in your mind is how to fix Gmail server error #007

You could go for any random website to resolve your error. But you may find it eventually frustrating enough if it fails to settle the problem.

This is when our Gmail Support comes into play. Our experts work round the clock to

Gmail Error #007

Error Overview | Gmail Error #007:

Gmail error #007 is an alert code that freezes the normal functioning of Gmail. Apart from that, it will prevent you from entering into the Google mail system smoothly. You will neither be able to send any mail nor receive any. Also, you will be unable to shut the Gmail oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007) alert.

Otherwise, the problem could take place if the internet status is showing an inefficient connection. It is important to note that the error code may pop-up even if you have an ineffective network.

Sometimes when your Gmail account exceeds the maximum storage capacity, it stops responding. And the system notifies you of the alert Gmail Error 007.

However, there are some possible solutions to the above drawback.

Productive Measures | How To Fix Gmail Error Code 007?

To know how to fix Gmail error code 007, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Step I:

Initially, verify if the internet connection is stable or not. Again, if you go through any poor internet connectivity, then try to establish another connection on your device. After that, empty the cache and the cookies of that server.

  • Step II:

Check if there is an update available in the operating system of your computer. If you see any necessary update available, then update the same.

If you are a Firefox user or any other browser user, then start that application in the safe mode only. See if you are having poor server extension. Now log in to your Gmail account from a personal surfing option. You may even opt to sign up by using the Incognito Window.

  • Step III:

When you are done following the above two activities, check if you are getting the error message. If yes, then try out this step.

Just go to your Gmail account. There’s no need to enable the browser extension as it may cause interruption while using the Gmail.

Then uncheck the malware checker or any other module of email checking. Do this step if you are still not able to eliminate the above issue.

To ensure that your Gmail account is free from receiving the error code 007, try to sign in to your account from any other browser.

Hence, with all the above measures if you successfully settle down the #007 issue then go on with it. But if not, then you are always welcome to receive our support.

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