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How to Fix Gmail “Bad Request Error 400” in Google Chrome?

If you have logged in to multiple Gmail accounts via Chrome, then there is a great possibility of encountering the Gmail error 400 on your PC or laptop. Also, while trying to deliver an attachment such as images, files etc, the system may end up displaying the alert message: Gmail “Bad Request Error 400” in Google Chrome. Apart from this, browser cookies is another significant reason behind this error.

It is a troublesome situation where most of the Gmail users are left clueless regarding what to do to fix it. Apart from that, you may get engaged in some official work where you hardly have time to fix the issue.

However, following the effective solutions are given below can subside the error without any hassle.


Instructions To Troubleshoot Gmail error 400

This section will assist you with some efficient instructions in eradicating the Bad Request Error 400 without a hitch:

Limit The File Size Of Gmail Attachments

Before sending Gmail attachments, it is important to ensure the file resolution. If the documents hold the capacity of more than 25 MB, then you won’t be able to deliver any such attachments. As a result, an error code 400 may pop up all of a sudden. Therefore, make sure that the size of the attached file is not more than 25 MB.

Clear Browser Cookies

One of the foremost reasons behind the occurrence of the 400 code alert is the “gmail_imp” file/files that are preserved in the Chrome browser cookies. Hence, it is necessary to clean the browser cookies of Chrome regularly. Then check if this has worked successfully in removing the Gmail error 400 or not.

Here is what you can do to delete the cookies files of Chrome:

  • Right-click on the desktop window of your PC and delete the “gmail_imp” documents. After that, select the option of “inspect element” and further choose the “resources” tab which you will get at the upper side of the developer tools window.
  • Next, go to the cookies tab of the Chrome browser from the left side of the screen. Expand the cookies option and click on “mail.google.com” item from it. Then clear all the files by right-clicking on the “gmail_imp” section. After that, exit out from the tools developer window and reload the page.
  • In order to delete all the cookies files that are linked with the browser(Chrome), visit the Settings page of the browser and open the option of “show advanced settings” under it.

Now, open the privacy sections and choose the option of Content settings. Then go to the cookies tab to access all the files from it and click on Delete to eliminate all the cookies relating to the Gmail Error 400. Then load the tab further. 

When all the accounts are successfully logged out, try signing into the accounts again. Hence, make sure that you are not getting the “Google Chrome Gmail bad request error 400” alert on your PC.

If the set of instructions doesn’t work, then don’t get bothered. Simply, get in touch with our tech experts for further assistance.

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