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How to Resolve Gmail Error 76997?

Google, has developed an easy to use email app in the form of Gmail. It helps to save your time as well as keeps your messages safe, with its compelling service facilities. But Gmail users are often marked as reporting that they are unable to send messages or unable to access their Gmail account completely. This continuous occurrence of issues is all due to Gmail Error 76997 on your device. This is where you get generous help from this article and get to overcome this worrying situation.

Gmail Error 76997

Steps to Fix Gmail Error 76997

Gmail users can run into real-time error from time to time while using their Gmail account. There are various reasons which are capable of leading the situation towards the appearance of Gmail error 76997.

  • The most basic reason can be the stacking of useless add-ons and extensions.
  • This error usually happens while trying to send email, at the same time, to multiple email recipients. This can result in spamming in bulk.
  • If you do not have a stable internet connection, then it can create a hindrance when you are trying to use your Gmail account.
  • Often, the recently installed antivirus may create an obstacle while accessing your Gmail account.
  • The existence of unnecessary temporary files like cache and cookies can result in error messages.

Whatever be the cause, you need to act promptly to eradicate the issue. Thus, to prevent your device from getting completely unusable.

Fix Gmail Error 76997

These are a few essential steps which help you to fix Gmail error 76997 problems all by yourself.

Solution 1: Clear Temporary Cache Data

The Gmail error code 76997 can be caused by any stored Gmail cache in your browser. It might be interrupting with the application process as well as the Operating System. All you need to do is clear your browser cache and other temporary files saved in your device. Then restart your browser and notice if the error message reappears.

Solution 2: Update Browser

If your browser is incompatible with the current Gmail website, it could result in the occurrence of Gmail error 76997. Now, you have to look for an update available for your version of the device and install it.

Solution 3: Scan For Malicious Software

It might be that your Windows is running malicious software, without your confirmation. You have to verify the presence of the unwanted software, by performing a full scan.

furthermore, you can use Windows Defender in case your device lacks proper antivirus software.

Solution 4: Disable Third-party Software

The third-party software can hinder your activity on Outlook. These third-party applications use an extension or plug-in or any Windows application that starts as soon as you reboot the device. You have to disable these extensions and applications and then run a clean boot.

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