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5 Easy Steps to Block a Sender on Hotmail

If someone is trying to irritate you by sending unlimited mails on your Hotmail account, you can stop this feat by blocking the sender directly from your Hotmail account. Though, Hotmail users now completely migrated to Outlook.com with same login details.

This blocking feature also helps to stop bulk mails send as news letters or promotional mails from marketing agencies. To activate this feature there is a simple process given below that should be followed after login into Hotmail account.

Hotmail Account Login

Login into your Hotmail account using the registered name and password you entered. If you forgot Hotmail password, then recover it by entering your user name that will be sent on your mail id or registered mobile number.

Open Setting Menu

Open mail settings from gear icon given on the right side of your window screen. This setting section will allow you to make other changes in your Hotmail account. Click more mail setting option to enter into section that will allow you to block someone.

5 Easy Steps to Block a Sender on Hotmail      

Enter into Blocked Senders

Click on “Safe and blocked sender” that’s appear on second Coolum under the heading of “preventing junk mail”. Open this option that will list you three more options and select the third one called “blocked senders” to proceed further.

Select and Block Sender

Now you can add the email id you want to block, just type the complete email address that sends you mail regularly filling your inbox. When you add this id under block lit, it will automatically delete mails send from this particular id. Either you can take Hotmail technical support to select and block a sender carefully without affecting others.

Report Spam to Move in Junk

Hotmail Customer Service

Blocking such sender would be not enough, as such dispatchers choose other mail id or domains to send you mail again. So, you can report such mails as a spam to move them into junk folder otherwise take help by Hotmail Customer Service experts to control such mails and keep you inbox free from these junk messages that also consumes mail space.

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Useful Tips and Tricks for Hotmail and Outlook Users

If you have an account on Hotmail, you should know the tricks that can help you use this mailing service in more efficient way. Though, many users explore the Hotmail but there are few things you may be don’t know and could be very useful in terms of time saving and usability.

Create Email Alias for Hotmail and Outlook Account

Using Hotmail you can send mails without disclosing your identity. Hotmail allows creating an alias against your account which can be configured while Creating your Hotmail or Outlook Account. Actually, it helps to give a unique name when you have a multiple Hotmail account you create alias for each email account and you can also continue to send your mail with original mail id.

Renaming of Hotmail and Outlook Current Email Address    

Another hidden trick of Hotmail is that you rename your current email address. Hotmail users can re-label their email address with the new mail id as per the user’s choice. However, when you rename your mail id, it will works like previous one, but the new emails will be stored into your new inbox. And you can still use the older one in a separate folder.

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You Can Recover Your Lost Messages

If you have accidentally deleted messages from your inbox folder, you can recover such lost messages. Though, you can take Hotmail technical support to recover your lost messages from Hotmail account. It also helps users to recover the mails when their account is hacked.

Extra Space for Storing Mails

Hotmail users also get extra amount of space to customer having account on Hotmail. Microsoft outlook or Hotmail also offers the facility to store mails and other data in large quantity. As per the user’s increasing demand for more space, Hotmail stretch its space to store more mails. However, if you need more space on your Hotmail account, you can contact Outlook Customer Care Support Service to upgrade the storage capacity of your Hotmail account.

Instant Actions at One Click


Another very useful tip of Hotmail is to easily mark or label each mail as per the priority and required actions. It is possible through small icons appearing on the right side of each mail along with the sender’ name and subject lines in your mailing list. This feature is interesting, as it saves time and provides shortcuts through tinny icons just one click away of your finger.


Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Tech support for Hotmail

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

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