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How to Set Up Lavabit Secure and Encrypted Email on iPad?

Lavabit is a secured email platform which prevents privacy matters, as well as it possesses excellent ant spam and antivirus features along with standard email necessities such as auto-responders. The blog here will discuss steps to Set-up Lavabit secure and Encrypted Email on iPad with few easy steps.  Its most relevant feature is that of usage of SSL as well as asymmetric encryption process for incredibly secured email communications. Below here is a brief description of the above topic.

Steps to set-up Lavabit secure and encrypted email on iPad

Set Up Lavabit Secure and Encrypted Email on iPad

Step 1: users are first requested to work with the POP or IMAP. However, configuring POP3 is the same as the exception of port number which will work with 995 rather than 993. The next step is to  sign up for Lavabit while ensuring that users have typed correct username and a set a strong password,

Step 2: Open “Settings” option in iOS and navigate to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. Choose “Add Account…” option as suggested by Lavabit Support expert technicians. Tap on “Other” icon and navigate to “New Account” screen while entering your name, email address, the password, and “Lavabit” as the description. Click on “Next” icon as suggested.

Step 3: For both “Incoming Mail Server” and “Outgoing Mail Server”, it is advised to work with the “lavabit.com” as a host name. Now, enter username as well as password by tapping “Next” icon again. Toggle “Notes” option to “OFF” mode and keep your Mail set to “ON”. Save all the modifications made by you. To set-up Lavabit secure and encrypted email on iPad, set specific ports for outgoing as well as incoming mail servers. Navigate to the “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > choose your new “Lavabit” account and tap on “account name”

Step 4: Have a look under “Outgoing Mail Server” icon and tap on “SMTP setting” icon. Choose “lavabit.com” and just under the “Outgoing Mail Server”, make sure that the SSL is set to “ON” mode. On the other hand, set the “Server Port” to 465, and tap “Done”. Click on “Account” screen, and choose “Advanced” option to have a check on “Incoming Settings” section

Step 5: do ensure that the “Use SSL” is set to ON, and “Server Port” is set to “993” mode. Exit out of Settings

Step 6: visit the mail app and perform a test by sending an email to newly created Lavabit address from another email account. Once email arrives, try to send a reply email to ensure that everything is working fine.

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