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How to Integrate Twitter with Outlook?

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging website that let the users share their opinion to the world. Now Microsoft Outlook let its users to integrate their twitter accounts to Outlook with the help of add-on called TwInbox. Integrating Twitter with the Outlook not only give user the facility to view and manage their Twitter account from Outlook but it also saves time avoiding the frequent toggle between screens or web session. Read further to learn how to integrate Twitter with Outlook. You can also consult our Outlook Support Number experts to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

Close Microsoft Outlook before installing TwInbox

Before you download and install TwInbox Microsoft Outlook must be closed on your computer.

Download and Install TwInbox

Visit the Microsoft Office website. Locate the TwInbox download landing page on Tech Hit. Under the description of TwInbox, there is a Download button, click on it. This will download and install Twlnbox add-on on your computer.

Open Microsoft Outlook

After installing TwInbox open Microsoft Outlook, you will see a new toolbar with several Twitter options.

Open TwInbox

Click on the drop-down menu of TwInbox and select “Options” in the list of options. This will let you configure and set up Twitter account to use in the Outlook. When the “Welcome to TwInbox” message will appear, click on Next.

Sign in to Twitter

In the next window, enter your Twitter username and password to sign in to Twitter.

Authorize TwInbox to use your account

Click on “Authorize App” and press “Next”.This will authorize TwInbox to access your Twitter account and integrate your Twitter account successfully with Outlook.

Select a Folder to store your Tweets

Click on “Select Folder” to choose a folder where Tweets will be saved in Outlook. Click on “Finish” once you have designated the folder for saving Tweets.

Use the TwInbox to manage your Twitter account

You can use TwInbox toolbar to send Tweets and handle your Twitter account.


In this way you will be able to integrate Twitter with Outlook. For any issue regarding Microsoft Outlook, contact our Gmail Helpline Number.

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How to Add a Folder on Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email service which has several impressive features and is a great application to effectively organize your office and personal emails. It has calendar, contacts, synchronization options and many other useful features. One of its salient features is that you can add as many folders as you want in your outlook profile. Folders can be helpful in organizing and segregating your emails and data files in one place so that you can easily access them later avoiding future inconvenience and waste of time. Follow these instructions to learn how to add a folder on Microsoft Outlook or you can take guidance from our Outlook Technical Support experts.

How to Add a Folder on Outlook

Determine the folders you would require to create

Survey your outlook account and determine how you want to use new folders. You can make different folders for your Emails, Calendar and Tasks. In your email folders you can quickly access mails that you want to correspond in near future. In calendar folders, you can save calendar with specific dates and schedules. In task folders, you can assign folders to the name of your colleagues or different aspects of your work.

Open your Outlook application

In the Outlook window, click on “File” and navigate to “Folder” option. In the “Folder” window, click the “New Folder” option, which will open a naming box.

Fill out details about the box

First name the folder you just created. Now depending upon your need, determine the type of folder you have created. You can choose between mail, calendar, task, contact and few others. Also decide where you want to put the folder, for example you can put email folders under “Inbox” while calendar folders can be kept under “Calendar”.  Close the box once you are finished with filling the details.

Another way of adding a folder

You can also add a folder directly in the area of Outlook you are currently working. For example right-click on the “Inbox” of the Mail section and choose “New Folder” option which will open the naming box. Follow the same instructions as above to fill the required details.

Add subfolders if you want

If you need to further organize your folder, you can add subfolders in your folder. Simply right click on the folder you have just created and follow the same instructions in making the subfolder.


We hope, you will be able to add a folder on outlook using these easy steps. For any technical advice or guidance, feel free to contact our experienced Gmail Technical Support team.

Attach a Word Document to an Outlook Email

How to Attach a Word Document to an Outlook Email?

Microsoft Outlook is a wonderful application which not only allows you to organize your office work and emails at one place, but it also let you perform many other functions. With Outlook you can send many items including Word document, images and others in form of attachment. Sending an attachment is a useful feature as many times, you require sending a document along with your email. Read the following to learn Attach a Word Document to an Outlook email by Outlook help service


  • Open Outlook by double-clicking Microsoft Icon on your desktop or by Start-up Menu. In case your Outlook account is all set up, it would load inbox after launching.
  • Now in the File menu of the application, go to the “New” option and then select “Mail Message”.
  • Once you have opened a new mail, you will need to add the recipients, the content and the subject of the mail. In the “To” area, insert the main recipients whom you want to address the email and in the “Cc” or “Bcc” area, you can add the additional recipients.
  • Write subject of the mail in the “Subject” area. In the large text box under “Subject”, you have the space to compose your message to the sender.
  • After composing the message, locate “Attach File” option in the “Include group”. Click on “File” option, which will open the file browser from where you can navigate to the Word document you desire to attach with the email. Once you have located the Word document, click on “Insert” option in the file browser.
  • Once you click “Insert”, the Word file will be uploaded and attached to your email. The attached file will be displayed on the new field just below the Subject line.
  • Before sending the email, review the entire mail by checking the recipients, message and the attached file to see if everything is in order.
  • Once you have reviewed your email, click on the “Send” option to send the email.


In this way, you can insert a Word file into your Outlook email. In case if you face any issue regarding your Outlook account you can contact our Outlook technical support experts.

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How to Troubleshoot Outlook Express Mail Sending Issues?

If your outlook not able to send the mails, it means there is some issue that should be diagnosed technically before your outbox packed with unsent mails. The problem could be anything from wrong configuration to internet connection settings. Below you can find how to troubleshoot the outlook express mail sending problems.

Check Outgoing Mail Server

The outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be configured correctly on the server tab. Verify and authenticate with secured connection that is encrypted with secured codes. You can also take Hotmail help to check the settings by experts.

Make Sure the Size of Mail not too large

Outlook express can support up to 2GB size of mail to deliver successfully. Hence, if you are sending more than recommended size mail, either compress into a zip folder or send them in parts. Usually heavy sizes mails also take time to go from outbox.


Check Proper Connection Port

The port mainly used for SMTP connection is 25, and wrong port is one of the most common reasons for failed sending of email. Sometime internet service providers block this port or recommend other port like 2525 for SMTP email connection. To check the port related issues contact Hotmail technical support for quick online help.

Renaming of Corrupted Outbox.dbx File

Another alternative to solve mail sending problem is, you can open outlook store folder and rename the outbox.dbx file to outbox.old. But you cannot access your older messages and when you successfully send your mail, you can rename again outbox.old file. However, it is temporary solution and you should find the actual problem.

In Spite of all the above efforts, if you not able to send mail through outlook, the last resort is call to Outlook technical support number +1-800-297-9985 and get remote accesses troubleshooting session with the help of tech professionals. Outlook mail sending is one of the common issues but can be easily solved through right troubleshooting process.

How to Send an Encrypted Secure Email in Outlook

How to Send an Encrypted Secure Email in Outlook?

Sending mails is unsafe at every step either you are using a web based service or system based application. Outlook is one the most popular and widely used emailing service mainly used by business enterprises to provide a highly interactive and user-friendly platform to communicate using only network based connections among all the users.

However, sending mails through Outlook can be more secure if you send it using encryption method, your message will be completely safe. Actually, when you encrypt your email message in outlook, it protects your message by making it private by converting it from a human readable text to computer coded text. And this message can be only decoded by the recipient having private key that should also match with public key used to encrypt the message.

How to Encrypt a Single Message?

You can encrypt a single message or all messages you want send. The encryption process is very easy to perform, though you can also take help of Microsoft outlook tech support to know the right process of encryption. By the way, you can do it by opening option tab when you compose a message where open more options group and click on message options dialog box launcher dialog box launcher. Click on security settings and then select the encrypted message contents and attachments check box, compose your message and then send.

How to Encrypt All Outgoing Messages?

Just like a single message you can set your Outlook to encrypt all your messages before sending it anyway. But every recipient must have the decoding key to read the message otherwise encryption would be useless from the end-users point of view. To encrypt the all outgoing message, click on File tab open options and click on trust center and setting option under this head. Now under the email security tab, under encrypted email select the encrypt contents option and attachment for outward going messages check box.


Outlook technical support service is also available round-the-clock to encrypt or decode the encrypted messages with complete privacy. With the help of these technicians you can also change additional settings, such as choosing a specific certificate to use by opening setting option. Note when you send an encrypted message, the content of message not appears in the reading pane of the outlook mail inbox, you have to click it twice to open the message. And you can send an encrypted message but it cannot be scanned for virus or malware detection.


How to Move Outlook Mails into Your Personal Folder?

Your Microsoft outlook can store multiple type mails in your inbox and you can manage your email, contacts, tasks and calendar and other features but is it sensible to keep all stuffs in one basket. That’s why it is very important to keep your mails into other folder as per your choice. And saving messages and other data of your outlook mail is quite easier for every user.

You can save multiple messages at the same time by selecting them together or Ctrl+A to save them all, and move them into a new folder. To move entire folder into your hard disk click Import and Export under File menu and click next and browse the location you want to save mail data. If you are facing to carry out this process, Outlook technical support available to help you.

How to Move Outlook Mails into Your Personal Folder

Archive to Back up your Outlook 

If you want to protect your mail, contact, tasks and calendar records with outlook you can achieve it. The best part of archiving is that, you can backup everything in a single action. Achieve your outlook data by selecting a personal folder and current in the achieve box. And all the data will be stored in your C drive which is impossible to access by only guessing.

Automatic Achieve of Outlook

If you not able to achieve your outlook data, you don’t need to worry about that, outlook will do for you. Just right-click the folder and go under properties to select Auto Achieve. If you choose achieve items under this folder by selecting default setting, click default achieve settings and choose your preferred options. Outlook Technical Support Service is also available to tell you another way of auto-archiving this folder using this setting as per your choice.

Outlook-Helpline-NumberHow to Retrieve Archive Data?

If you cannot achieve your data, then it’s worthless, and retrieving the archived data of outlook is not so much easy. Select file menu and click import and export option to open import from another program or file. Now open personal folder file and click on next to browse and select your achieve file but avoid to click on import duplicates and select next to finish the process. Archiving of your mail records will keep safe all your outlook data with archive facility.


Handle your Mailbox with care; Get Instant Help from Hotmail Technical Support

You may get puzzled many times while handling your mailbox, where to move spam and how to set automatic replies while you are on vacation. It’s not your story; many people on the earth do not find the solution as well. However, it may become bone of contention if you missed any important conversation of your boss. There are many features in the mailbox that not only saves the time but also increase your efficiency and productivity. To protect your mailbox from outside threads and virus is essential for all of us. The confidentially of data is what everybody is looking for nowadays. The Hotmail technical support staff not only saves you from the data theft but also helps you on basic troubleshooting.

Need of Mailbox Security

In today’s data driven world, it is important to protect your data from the external source is as crucial as other work. If you are working for organizations or individual, it’s your responsibility to protect the data. For ex…Password complexity and length makes huge difference in protection. Similarly, setting up a firewall and antivirus shield is essential also.

Basic Troubleshooting to save the time and cost


How to send bulk emails, fixing the appointment with someone and filtering the spasm not only saves time but cost as well. In longer run, it surely does the positive effect on your work. If mailbox is configured to the outlook, you also get many additional features. This is our endeavor to work on the email support since long to deliver exceptional services to the world. To know more about your mailbox and get complete email assistance instantly, kindly speak to our Hotmail technical support expert instantly. Alternatively, you can also call us +1-800-297-9985 on toll-free number or chat with our Hotmail customer support expert.