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How To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password?

If you have forgotten your Gmail password then here is a solution which will teach you to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password. So, changing your Gmail password is needed often. Now, of course, you remember the password with which you have logged in last.  But, it does sometimes happen that users have forgotten their current Gmail password? Below we have steps mentioned to help you recover this in easy ways.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password are as follows:

Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

Step 1: To reset the forgotten Gmail password and recover access to the lost account, Gmail Support team has instructed you below steps:

  • Make sure you do either this trick where users should have their secondary email specified for a Gmail account.
  • Click on “Forgot password?” link on Gmail’s log-in page and when prompted type a full Gmail email address and click “Enter”  to navigate towards “Account support’ page.
  • Click “Next” icon now.

Step 2: Gmail will now prompt users with multiple questions to establish users as the owner of the account. For each of those question:

  • Enter an accurate answer and tap on “Next” icon 
  • Tap on “Try a different question” optionif you are not able to answer.
  • Users will be asked with various questions such as “A previous password” ,”Verification using a code which will include 2-step authentication process enabled, a phone numberused for verification when prompted to do so,  user’s secondary email address and security questions.

Step 3: How ever if users have used their Gmail account in the past few days but did not specified a secondary email address, then they are advised to wait for those days to pass.

Step 4: Once the above process is done, try to connect with your account’s owner by using multiple steps above. Here, Gmail will automatically make users log in to their account. If, for any security reasons, users do not wish to change their password, follow the option of “Change password” link.

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How To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password?

Gmail is just like any other email service and is highly preferred by users all over the world due to its advanced email functionalities that it holds. But while working it, users may come across login issues which can happen once in a blue moon. So, we will discuss basic ways to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password with detailed explanation of each step. Well, it’s seen that when users have forgotten their Gmail password, Gmail still remembers it by asking them to recover it whenever they have requested to do so. With the proper validation process, one can easily recover their new Gmail password, which will make them retrieve access to their Google account.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

Step 1: Recovering a forgotten Gmail password

  • To recover the Gmail password, users must have a secondary email address which should specify Gmail account.
  • ​Next, click on the “Forgot password?” icon which can easily be found in the Gmail’s log-in page.
  • Whenever you are prompted, it is advised to type your full Gmail email address in the “Enter your email” box which is located in the “Account support page”.
  • ​Click on the “Next” icon to continue.
  • The Gmail will now verify a wide number of queries to check whether you actually own this account or not?  It will be checked by following ways:
  1. You will be asked to “Enter your answer” and then, tap on the “Next” icon
  2. ​​Click on the “Try a different question”if it’s the case that you are unable  to provide an appropriate answer or do not have access to the resource
  3. You may even be asked to provide your secondary email address or a phone number.

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Step 2: Questions that Google will ask for account verification

  • You may be asked to enter your previous password
  • Next, one will be asked to provide their “Verification code” which will be the “2-step authentication” process for your Gmail account
  1. Depending on the 2-step authentication verification method, go with the following details below:
    • ​a SMS text message received from Google
    • an app (e.g. Google Authenticator)
    • Printed back-up codes.
  • One may even be asked to “enter the phone number”for verification purpose when prompted.​
  • Users will be asked to provide their phone number for Gmail account recovery process. You will get an SMS text message from Google containing a verification code.
  • Next, one will be asked to provide their secondary email address for Gmail account recovery:
  1. To do this, simply follow the linkin a message from Google sent to your email address to reset the password easily.
  • Now, a security question for Gmail password recovery will be asked to enter:
  1. Here, one simply needs to “Type the answerto their recovery question.
  • ​When the account is completely set-up, do the following:
  1. Enter the month and yearfor the creation of Gmail (or Google) account.

Once done with all these above steps, Gmail will now ask you to log-in to the account. Here you are completely done.

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