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How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail 10 Steps

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail: 10 Steps

So, is it the case that your Hotmail is jammed up with spam, or you’re always ready to step up to Gmail account? Switching directly from the Hotmail to Gmail account can surely make a massive variation in the internet while you are working with it. You’ll further be able to automatically synchronize information on websites, by creating a Google+ account, and much more to include. Regardless of why you are making the switch, it’s on the other hand is fast, and easier than ever before.

Below are few steps penned down by Gmail Technical Support professionals that will describe this process?

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail 10 Steps

Method 1 is all about transferring the Contacts Only

  • Open up your Hotmail account.
  • Directly log into your Gmail account
  • If you will visit the Contact window section, then try to look down the left sidebar and search for the Import Contacts. This will further open up the dialog box window. Clicking on the Choose File button, and then searching and opening the file named as “WLMContacts.csv” is essential. This will be your Hotmail contacts file which is now exported.
  • Emailing all of your contacts and then confirming the new address is an essential step.

Method 2 is all about Transferring Everything

  • Open the Gmail and get access to it.
  • Choose the Accounts and Import menu section.
  • Next, a user is required to choose the “Import mail and contacts” to move ahead with the process.
  • Enter the address of the Hotmail account carefully. You are requested to visit the resulting window where a user will be asked to sign into their other email account,”
  • Enter the Hotmail password carefully as it is case sensitive.
  • Choose the import option next.

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