How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error 0x8DE00005 or Code 3219?

Windows Live Mail is a popular application to its predecessors Outlook Express and Windows Mail. It comes with better features like security check, picture mailing, sharing contacts with multiple people, setting up multiple accounts and search queries among others. It is a new app from the house of Microsoft, and quite a few are using it as an alternative. However, along with these features, there are troubles as well. An old issue is the Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005 or Code 3219 where users cannot send emails to others and continuously receive alert signals.

This error generates when Windows Live Mail cannot connect with MSN, Outlook or Hotmail servers. As a result, error 3219 occurs followed by ID 0x8DE00005 and the emails cannot be retrieved. The issue typically happens when servers use similar authentication credentials at the same time. That is when users choose the Workload Manager over HTTPS link to connect and sync their emails. A proper configuration using the POP or IMAP account resolves the issue. However, this involves a series of steps and warnings. If you are a Windows Live Mail user and facing error 3219, then read along to resolve the glitch on your own.

Windows Live Mail error ID 0x8de00005

Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005: The Basics

Windows Live Mail error ID 0x8de00005 is an old trouble that makes its entry when there is a configuration problem, and the app cannot connect with Hotmail or Outlook. There are two steps to the particular glitch.

First, error 3219 occurs where people face obstacles in sending emails. Often the emails bounce back or get stored in drafts. They receive alert messages. Later on, error ID 0x8de00005 takes place when Outlook or MSN servers no longer retrieve the emails.  

You can resolve the issue if you configure your account with IMAP or POP and use delta sync or HTTPS. We recommend you to use IMAP because it can work on multiple devices and syncs emails within minutes. In this article, we will discuss ‘How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error 3219 0x8de00005. The steps are simple. However, if you face any obstacle or want technical help, then contact our customer support number.

How To Fix Windows Live Mail Error 3219 0x8de00005 With Easy Steps?

We have divided ‘how to fix Windows Live Mail error 3219 0x8de00005 into steps for your understanding. The whole procedure involves removing the previous account and reopening it using the POP or IMAP.

  1. First, tap on the Accounts and find the plus symbol with the ‘@’ sign and tab it.  
  2. Now enter the email address, password. Fill in the display name as well.
  3. Now try the ‘Manually Configure’ option in the server settings. You have to choose either the POP or IMAP under ISI (Incoming Server Information). We are selecting the IMAP in resolving the glitch.
  4. Now enter ‘’ code and a number in port. Alongside, tap the box where Secure Connection option comes.
  5. Now move to the OSI (Outgoing Server Information)  and enter a server address with a port number. The server address will look like ‘’ Click the boxes on Secure Connection and Requires Authentication.
  6. End the procedure with the ‘Next’ button. Now the account will re-configure and the user will notice specific changes in the Windows Live Mail. You can drag selected folders from the former report.
  7. Finally, delete the old account using the ’Remove Account’ option.

The user can use Reimage software for eliminating the glitch as well. This app detects additional issues like registry errors, virus infections, duplicate files, etc.

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There is an app which can help you remove Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005 as well as the steps which anyone can apply with even the basic knowledge. However, there are chances that the app stops functioning midway. Since this a critical issue, we suggest you seek our help. Our tech team is well versed in error code in the tech world.

To connect with us you can ring on our Windows Live Mail Support Number. You can drop an email to our mailing address. To know about the issue better, you can join our live chat portal and discuss the problem directly with the professionals.