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The above content is all about Gmail message blocked problem. Well, this will show up when Google mail has aborted the message sending action. Without worrying, we recommend customers to approach us and get tailor-made solutions.

Efficacious Steps to account  A Gmail Bug are as follow:

There are various ways to handle this error. But complexity may give you stress and anxiety. So it is better to stick to the blog to avoid unwanted hassles. Else Gmail Support is a better idea to deal with such situations.

Step 1: Check for Gmail’s status

  1. a) Google is already aware of this issue and they are working on a solution. If this is the problem in your Gmail account or if a page or email does not load, the problem will get an odd error message. Here one should try to represent the bug and make it visible.
  2. b) As per as Gmail Support technical help, on a new browser tab if this issue is visible in one Gmail session.
  3. c) Repeat actions that led to this problem so that one can explain how to remove this problem on Gmail.
  4. d) Tap “Settings” gear in the Gmail’s toolbar and send feedback from the menu that will appear on the screen.
  5. e) Now, describe this Gmail bug which is right under “Describe the problem” section:
  • Here users need to state, first, what you did option,
  • Now, try to access “List”, “then”, ‘what you expected to happen” buttons
  • Users should tap on “describe”, “finally” and “what happened instead” icon
  • If possible, try to give instructions to duplicate the bug into which you ran.
  1. f) Click Next.

Step 2: Check whether you can see the bug on this page:

  • Click ‘Highlight’ icon and “draw a rectangle with the mouse” to highlight it completely
  • Now, tap on any area that will light up as you move the cursor over it to highlight it.
  • To report a Gmail bug, users need to highlight multiple rectangles as well as pieces.
  • To remove this highlight, move your cursor over it and tap “x” icon which will appear at the top right corner section.
  • The next thing is that users can scroll down pages to highlight an area that is out of sight. To highlight an area, click “Send feedback” button which will cut the pane.
  • If users need to hide parts of a particular page that will reveal personal information, they can go ahead for it
  • Click “Black out” button and draw a rectangle to cover up any area.
  • But, users can also black out multiple areas
  • The next thing if users wish to make an obfuscated area visible again then, move the mouse cursor over it and tap “x” button that will appear in its top right corner.
  • Scroll down pages to check for areas that are out of the sight for personal information.
  • Click the “Send feedback pane’s header” again to cut and peek behind it.
  • Click “Next” icon
  • Users can find out any information on Google along with the screenshots which is visible under “Additional info” icon.
  • Browser, operating system and installed browser plug-ins will appear under “Browser info”.
  • Click “Submit” button.

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